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Molist Group was founded in 1947 by Josep Molist working as a mechanic in the textile industries in Osona, north of Barcelona. Further on in time he introduced himself to the water sector, firstly working with pumps that operated with wind mills and later on with multistage pumps.

Josep Molist Pol
Founder of Molist Group

In 1976, Molist Hidráulica S.L. was created as a pump installer company with his sons’ help. Later in 1979, there was an agreement with Franklin Electric to become the official technical service and motor spare parts supplier for Spain to the few manufacturers in the country which import Franklin Electric products at the time. By 1981 Franklin Electric relied again on the Molist family and offered the sole distribution for Spain of its submersible motors taking advantage of the Spanish and specially the motor/pump market expansion. Due to these successive events Comercial Técnicas Hidráullicas, S.A. was set up, familiarly called CTH. From that moment onwards Molist Group ended its installation business to be the only distributor of Franklin Electric motors in Spain having as clients the main pump manufacturers and distributors in the country.

The first restructure of the group came in 2004 with the establishment of Likitech S.L. as the official distributor for Spain and Portugal of the high quality pressure tanks from Global Water Solutions. Molist Hidraulica S.L. disappeared and Newco Motor Service S.L. was created instead as Franklin Electric's Official Technical service. Likitech expanded its distributing channel and product range to HVAC, water treatment and plumbing markets and the Company was relocated in Seva, where you can find it in the present, with a larger warehouse and better transport connections.

In 2008 our water treatment brand named ABWater was created to offer point of use systems, the perfect complement to the company’s domestic reverse osmosis tanks.

The following year, Likitech established a branch in Portugal after 5 years shipping from Barcelona.

Coinciding with the restructure of Franklin Electric in Europe, Molist Group merges Likitech S.L. and Comercial Técnicas Hidráulicas S.A. companies in 2016, unifying the submersible electric motors with the pumps and accessories business. In the same year Likitech created its first subsidiary in southeast Spain, Likitech Sureste S.L.U., in order to give service to its area of influence. Today the Molist Group, through Likitech, is a reference company in Spain and Portugal for the pumping and accumulation sectors and also offering solutions for air conditioning, heating and water treatment sectors.

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