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Global Water Solutions is the sister company of Flexcon Industries, both brands belong to the Industrial Company Swan Group, which offers a comprehensive and wide range of pressure tanks for pressure booster, reverse osmosis, heating and thermal applications.
The manufacture of these vessels is strategically done in two different factories, one located in Randolph, Massachussets (USA) and the other in Taichung (Taiwan). Global Water solutions offers an unique product with a patented fix diaphragm which requires no maintenance and an extensive warranty, linked with a correct installation.


Thanks to the CAD2 diaphragm which is made of a high grade of butyl and virgin polypropylene liner – in the Challenger and C2-Lite series – we achieved the best water and air tightness. In the PressureWave and RoWave series, the connection is in stainless steel in order to be suitable in pressure booster and water treatment applications.

You can find the largest range of tanks in the market, from 0.16 litres smallest shock arrestor to 10,000 litres our biggest tank. Depending on the tank also varies its encased as you can find steel tanks with a paint finish of epoxy, strand fiberglass sealed with epoxy resin, polyurethane with an epoxy primed paint finish and stainless steel outer shell. There are available in 10 up to 25 bar depending on range and models and all diaphragms are from virgin butyl. 

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PWB/TW/SW EU certified
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SuperFlow™ and Charger™ EU certified tanks
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