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The headquarters of Coverco are in the north of Italy, Motta di Livenza, and the manufacturing centre in Brno, Czech Republic, where are also produced the Franklin Electric 6” encapsulated motors, cables and components. With more than 30 years experience in the international pumping industry for domestic and industrial water applications, this company has sold over 4 million units worldwide. When Franklin Electric acquired the Company, Coverco brought in their core values and so contributed with the brand growing and improve the quality of the product.


NBS4 4” submersible motors are rewindable and filled with approved FDA white oil.  They are available from 0,37 kW through 4kW in 1-phase and from 0,37 kW through 7,5 kW in 3-phase. They are suitable to work with ambient water temperature up to 30ºC. Its coupling dimensions and flange are according to NEMA directive.


COVERCO - 4" submersible motor filled with white oil
COVERCO - 4" submesible motors filled with white oil_ES