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Remoto was founded in 1986 in the North region of Portugal, as a manufacturer and import agent. After 1992 the company focused exclusively in the industrial area, through the production of its main article, the Level Regulator – RNC 1002, for sewage level control. The environmental concerns, in the year of 2000, brought improvements in the product with the introduction of mechanical components in its operation. This change was marked by the use of the green colour in the product.


The Level Regulator RNC-1002, made in Portugal, is a Certified product (ISO EN60730-1:2011, EN60730-2-15:2010) for level control in sewage and drainage, and pumping stations in general. This level control is designed to solve all level waste water situations, in a safe an economical way.


REMOTO - Level Regulator RNC-1002